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Our mission is to connect consumers to the world’s advertisers through rich targeting at Web scale, innovative ad experiences, and data science that serves both shoppers and marketers. We leverage eBay’s unique data on browsing, search, and purchase history for 100 million users, and we enjoy eBay’s trusted relationship as a business partner to millions of merchants and retailers.

eBay Product ads is the only advertising solution that helps advertisers promote their products to eBay shoppers and over 100 million consumers across our network with targeted product ads. With eBay’s first-party data and cross-device capabilities, advertisers can reach shoppers who are actively searching for your products on any device – at moments of maximum influence.

Headquartered in Brisbane, CA we operate in 5 markets globally, including the US, UK, Germany, France, and Australia.

  • eBay Commerce Network US office

    eBay Commerce Network US office

    8000 Marina Boulevard, Fifth Floor
    Brisbane, CA 94005


  • eBay, Inc. Headquarters

    eBay, Inc. Headquarters

    2145 Hamilton Avenue
    San Jose, CA 95125
    United States